Stripe Testing is a modern invention used to give students smaller goals attainable in a shorter period of time that build the skills necessary to qualify for the next belt level. Generally there are four stripes tests for each belt level. After the student has earned the fourth stripe on their current belt, the instructor decides if the student is ready to test for the next belt.
stripe testing






The stripes generally fall into categories of study as follows:

  • 1st Black Stripe: Techniques for Level, which are certain kicks, punches or defensive movements.
    Combinations: which are groups of movements combined for more effective sparring.
  • 2nd Black Stripe: The Form or Katta for the level, which is a dance like combination of movements designed to simulate a student defending themselves from various imaginary attackers coming from all directions.
  • 3rd Black Stripe: The Self-Defense moves, the Roll (Ukemi,) and Technical Balance Moves for the level.
  • Colored Stripe: All of the curriculum for the level with better proficiency.


Generally, each stripe takes 8 classes of study.

If a student has completed the required classes and not shown the level of proficiency necessary to pass the test, the student will not be allowed to test.

If a student shows exceptional ability and does not have the required number of classes completed, the instructor can allow them to test for the belt

There are No fees for Belt or Stripe Testing!


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