Attendance Policy
Students may be excused from class if they call and notify the instructor.

Make-up Classes are available on evenings for excused absences only!

Please call (301) 251-0660 by noon of the class day. Make-ups must be made within seven days.

Class Cancellation/Inclement Weather Policy

There will be no classes on Holidays

If Montgomery County Schools are closed due to Adverse Weather Conditions then the After School Programs and Wednesday and/or Sunday evening classes are cancelled.

If the evening facility is closed then Wednesday and/or Sunday programs are cancelled as well.



1. We do not require uniforms. Not even for Belt Testing.

2. We have no testing fees, hidden cost or long contracts.

3.One day per week is all that is necessary in the beginning level of Martial Arts training. As a student progresses up the ranks (Upper Belt Levels), the student should attend class more.

4. You must be on time for class. If a student is late due to circumstances beyond their control, he or she must request permission form the instructor to join the class in session. Simply approach the instructor and wait for him or her to acknowledge you and instruct you to take a place in class.

5. We agree to teach and you agree to learn.


6. The student is responsible for completing their homework and bringing their Student Homework Folders to class. If you lose your homework folder, the replacement cost is either:

  • $100.00 donation to A.S.K.
  • A list with $20. worth of chores performed at home without actual payment
7. Students will not be allowed to test for Belts without their folders.

8. You must practice at home at least 30 minutes per day.

9. You must bow when entering and leaving the classroom. This is an acknowledgement of respect for the lessons you learn while you are in class, your safety while in the classroom, the instructors, your friends and fellow students and yourself.

10. You must wear safety gear while sparring Safety gear must approved by your instructor. You are required to purchase safety gear at or before the Green Belt level.

11. You must be conscious of your personal and fellow student's safety at all times. You cannot teach other students moves, punches, rolls, or kicks without instructor approval. Not every student is ready to learn every move. That is why there are belt levels.

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