New Students  




Beginning your Martial Arts training is very simple.

  • Complete and turn in your registration
  • Show up to class in work-out clothes.
  • Follow the instructions from the teacher and watch those around you to figure out what to do!

We teach beginners using the method known as Immersion; new students are taught with our Lower Belts -- the White, Gold and junior Orange belts -- because new students learn faster when they can watch other more experienced students perform basic movements and patterns.


Imitating those around you while following instructions is the fastest and easiest way to start learning the basics of the movements and how to control your own muscles and body. This can be a little disorientating for the new student. However, everyone seems to get in synch with the curriculum within a few classes.

We have discovered that instructing a beginning student in a slow step-by-step fashion is not only boring, it isn't the best way to train. Tae Kwon Do is an art that requires the student to learn about themselves as well as the moves or skills being taught.


Once you progress beyond the basics of Karate, and the material becomes more demanding, then we become methodical and distinct in our training methods.

No students will laugh or joke about another student's abilities or mistakes because everyone in your class was taught the same way. All the students know that everyone learns differently and at different speeds, and everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Your fellow students want only for you to master each skill as quickly as possible.

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