Lower Belts  






Our Lower Belt Class consists of the New, White, Gold and child Orange Belts. The Lower Belt Class meets immediately before the Upper Belt Class on Wednesday and Sunday.

The principle goals of the Lower Belt Curriculum are:

  • Learning and solidifying the basics of Class Etiquette - Roll call, standing at attention, when to bow, etc
  • Learning how to stretch your muscles safely
  • Learning basic calisthenics to begin building muscle tone
  • Learning the beginning movements, stances, blocks, punches and kicks
  • Learning the basics of human physiology, from a personal, defensive and offensive viewpoint
  • Learning how to develop basic concentration skills or focus


This class is taught by instructors from our school (see our Instructors page) to give more personal instruction to the students while they are learning. When needed, members of the Black Belt Club are added as additional assistant instructors for demonstrations and personal coaching.

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