Our School basically follows the traditional methods of teaching Tae Kwon Do. However, we have added some new elements to enhance the students physical and mental education. Most notably is our use of Homework Assignments and printed curriculum sheets for each belt level.

Our homework assignments are designed to instruct as well as include the student's parents because each assignment is to be read to the student's parents and then the parent has to sign the assignment as proof of its completion.


Students under the age of 18 are given a "Student Folder" to keep their assignments and completed homework organized. Students are responsible for bringing their folders to each class. There is an exception to this rule: if the students are in more than one class per week, homework is collected only at one class.

Curriculum sheets are designed to help the students focus their energies on the specific skills they currently need to learn.

Curriculum sheets are given to the students as they reach each new belt level. This prevents students from attempting to learn moves before they are physically capable and before they need to.

One example of a homework sheet:
One example of a curriculum sheet:
Example: Homework Sheet
Example: Gold Belt Level Curriculum
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