Junior Dragons: $79 per student one time per week for nine weeks...Two times for $129 (see current registration)

Lower Belt and Upper Belt: $89 per student for one time per week for ten weeks (full Belt Testing, Belt, Student Folder and any student awards included in this price)...Two times per week $129 (see current registration).

Advanced Self Defense and other specialty classes: vary in price depending on the number of students enrolled and the location (our rent is different each each location).

Discounts available for Parent/Child and Multi member families (three and up). Please contact Mr. Lattanzio for special arrangements or financial needs.

Uniforms/Gis (completely optional): $35.00 and include the top and bottom and basic three patches. Though we offer uniforms for sale, we suggest parents not buy one the first semester until they can make sure their child will make the commitment to continue before they spend the money.

All T-shirts (child and adult): $11.00

Belts and Awards: Completely free! The school provides any belt or any awards!







Sparring Equipment/Gear: Approximately $170 to $180

When the student reaches the Green Belt level (the fourth belt), they will need to purchase Sparring Safety Gear for protection.

We require that the students purchase safety gear that provides adequate protection. Much of the inexpensive gear available at discount shops does not protect the student adequately.


Several times a year, our students purchase equipment and weapons as a group from a mail order company. The price is similar to that of the inadequate gear found at discount stores, but much higher quality.

The benefit of purchasing equipment as a group is there is a 5% discount over the catalogue prices and there are no shipping costs. We use two suppliers, links to their web site can be found in our Resources and Merchanise Links. page.

All equipment used in our classes must be approved by the instructor.

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