Child & Parent Teams    


Our school is one of the first to bring Parents and Children together for Karate training. Our Wednesday evening classes are open for both parents and children to study together. This principle was discovered when the school founder began training his own children in Karate. He discovered that his best communication with his children took place in the car while traveling to and from classes and tournaments.


We have discovered that parents and children benefit from a joint course of study for the following reasons:

  • Parents and children can enjoy a family activity that today's busy lifestyles often don't permit.
  • Children are more inclined to work hard because their parents are going through the same exercises and experiences.
  • Parents can assist the children in learning things that may be difficult physically or conceptually because of the parents level of life experience.
  • Children model their parent's success techniques and develop a greater respect for their parents because they see them working towards goals and accomplishments.

This program has been extremely successful!

When necessary, we break out into smaller sub-groups arranged by the physical size of the student for sparring or self defense technique instruction.

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